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Buying A Home With Zero Cash Down

Yes, that’s right! Now you it is possible to buy a home with Zero Cash Down. The Zero Cash Down Payment Program offers a way to buy a home with no money down regardless if you are a first time home buyer and want to invest in the housing market the need a way to break into it yet have held back thinking that you would need a substantial down payment or even if you have owned a home before and are currently renting and do not want to liquidate your financial assets to use as a down payment on a home the Zero Cash Down Payment Program may be applicable for you. Regardless of your present situation, you want a way to get into or to re-enter the housing market without having to make a cash down payment.

The Zero Cash Down Payment Program may be just the answer you need. Here’s what is required to qualify for the Zero Cash Down Payment Program.

Program’s Qualifications

In terms of limited liabilities it will be necessary to disclose all current liabilities that you have to determine how much more debt you are capable of carrying. (e.g.: present credit cards, vehicle loans, and the like).

Lending institutions also like to see at least 3 years of employment stability.

You will be required to show proof of employment for the past 3 years: e.g. an employment letter or in the case of self-employment the financial statements for the past 3 years.

The financial ability to carry larger monthly payments

Without a down payment you will be required to meet the obligation of larger mortgage payments. Your monthly payments could vary from a few to several hundred dollars more per month.

Different Types of Properties Can Be Purchased Under the Terms of the Program

This can include detached homes or semi-detached homes, free-hold town homes, condominiums, and town homes

N.B. Not all real estate properties however qualify for the Zero Cash Down Payment Program. As a 25 year member of Mensa Mike Donia is skilled and very knowledgeable in these types of transactions as well and as such we invite you to choose Mike Donia as your trusted real estate agent serving the Greater Toronto Area. Mike can help ensure that you get an accurate picture of what properties may or may not be included in this program within your geographic location and or particular area of interest. You definitely will want to have Mike Donia representing you when buying, renting / leasing so that together you can review the terms of this Zero Cash Down Payment Program.

Benefits of this Zero Cash Down Payment Program

Buy a home with No Down Payment

Instead of renting and paying your landlord’s mortgage this NO MONEY DOWN Program allows you to build your own equity. Are you renting because you are held back from owning your own home because you think you need a substantial down payment?  When you meet the Program qualifications as presented the misperception of home buyers and even some Realtors that a substantial down payment is needed to buy a home is simply not true. Owing to this perception many would-be-homebuyers feel they have to save for years before they have enough money for a down payment so that they can finally enter the housing market. In the meantime they are lining someone else’s pockets, while waiting a long time before they can start building their own equity. Well, with the Zero Cash Down Payment Program you don’t need a down payment to buy a home.

Another benefit of this Program is that you can make it happen now – when you have established yourself to the above criteria there is a very good probability that you won’t have to save to make the purchase. As a licensed real estate agent with the leading Realtor REMAX when you select Mike Donia as your Real Estate Agent he can explain to you this new program and how you can use it to your advantage to get into the housing market and owning your own home. With the Zero Cash Down Payment Program you don’t have to wait to purchase a home.

Another benefit is that the Zero Cash Down Payment Program is an approved bank program. As the premier real estate agent serving the Greater Toronto Areas when you select the Mike Donia Difference we can also provide you with specialized knowledge in financing and can assist you with the Zero Cash Down Payment Program.

Mike Donia is the professional real estate agent that professionals recommend.

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