Experiencing a successful tenure as Mortgage Manager and Bank Manager gave Mike Donia the education about money and it is in large part this understanding of monetary instruments that has empowered Mike to achieve his stellar 25 years of real estate successes ….
DATELINE February 25th, 2015 Mike Donia receives yet another Award for top international real estate sales: perfect testimonial of having exceeded over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in real estate sales.
Residing in the luxury enclave of Castlemore, Brampton, Ontario Mike is well positioned to serve throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area): well positioned to serve the surrounding neighbourhoods within the York Region, Mississauga, Vaughan and Toronto.
Mortgages can vary according to the diversity associated with the real estate transaction and the home buyers’ needs (or commercial real estate buyers’ needs). When it comes to buying and selling real estate (or leasing real estate) it truly has basis, that with Mike’s Mensa aptitude, money management experience at the senior level, and proven real estate success, that you can not afford to have Mike Donia not representing you.
A major part of this, especially when thinking LUXURY REAL ESTATE is with Mortgages. Mike will counsel and network you with the Mortgage Specialist that he deems ideal for your home buying experience. The beauty of Mike Donia is to say: Mike you do it – this is what we have and this is what type of home we want (or this is the type of real estate we want) – go to work … show us your worth!!!”
With his money management experience Mike will show you your worth and how he would best maneuver the presentation of resources to maximize your investment. Fine for buying a home yet selling real estate? Knowing how the mortgage system works – inherently – Mike is skilled at managing the sales transaction – and he doesn’t need any guarantee to “I’ll sell your home or I’ll buy IT” guarantee. The home you are selling is not an “IT”: to someone it is their Dream Home.
Whether buying a home or real estate and in need of a Mortgage (or pre-approved Mortgage) you will want to have the money savvy Mike Donia and Re/Max on your Real Estate Team.

Mike Donia is the professional real estate agent that professionals recommend.

Contact Mike: Email:

Tel: 905.456.3232 or 416 233- 9000

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