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Home Buyers Can Save Thousands Of Dollars When Buying A Home

When starting to look for a home to buy as a home buyer you will want to consider that the prospective home meets all of your needs and ideally wants / desires plus that you are able to buy the home for the lowest price possible in an affordable price range..

Some common themes are present when we study successful home buyers and how they were able to buy the home they wanted for thousands of dollars below a seller’s asking price.  Mike Donia offers over 25 years of real estate experience + Hall of Fame skills and as such in this sense the statement is so true that you can`t afford not to have Mike Donia representing you for all real estate transactions. With Mike as your real estate agent while his negotiating skills are important three other key factors should be reviewed before an offer is submitted.


How To Save Thousands Of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, Riyals, Rubles, etc. When You Buy a Home: These Steps Will Help You When Buying Real Estate

Essential is to have an understanding of what you want per the type of residence. Make sure you don’t fall into these traps that many home buyers do of not checking this in your mind before going out and looking for a home (same applies beyond residential real estate to include commercial, recreational, institutional, industrial, etc. real estate). Know exactly what you want in terms of the type of home– you can always modify it when experiences provide the fruit for it.  Mike can help you with defining this and then putting his Team to work to deliver the `Donia Difference`.  As simple as this may sound, many home buyers don’t have a firm idea in their heads before they go out searching for a home. When shopping for a residence the challenge will be to determine which home best meets your needs –all things considered. Chances are that more than one home will be competing for this coveted “New Home” distinction. Again as easy as this may sound, it isn’t and which it why you want Mike representing you for all your real estate transaction: Mike knows the market, can present and interpolate historical market values and data to the now and explain why he is making the recommendations which he does. With past performance being the best predictor of the future Mike’s stellar track record presents success at it’s finest.

Another feature of having Mike Donia as your real estate agent is that he can help you keep the emotional attachment to properties for sale in check.  No doubt when shopping for a home – you will want to fall in love with the property that is listed for sale. You will even fall in love with various homes and the features they offer.  Mike will help you when weighing the features each home offers and help you ask questions such as “should you purchase the home with five bedrooms in consideration of a possible enlargement of the Family or should you instead buy the home which is perfect for all the Entertaining you might want to do: e.g. large state-of-the-art Kitchen with a dining room that can easily be converted into a dance floor after super. Perhaps the question is do you want to buy a home with a pool and large yard or is being close to your place of work more important.

As home buyers are subject to becoming starry-eyed when they spot their Dream Home, it is good to have a Mensa-mind such as Mike Donia to keep you focused: Keep you grounded so that you satisfy the needs first – and then get as many wants / desired features into the equation as possible. Mike’s experience in serving home buyers can be helpful in the excitement of getting caught up into the looking aspect of home-hunting.

When you shop for real estate with Mike Donia representing you not only do you get access to his house-hunting skills and experience (condo, loft, townhome, etc) he can also cross-match the wants and needs features of the current listings.


Here’s a form that will help define your home buying strategy”

List five things that are absolutely NEEDED in your next home:

  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________
  3. ______________________________
  4. ______________________________
  5. ______________________________

List five things that I absolutely would LOVE / WANT / DESIRE in my next home:

  1. _______________________________
  2. _______________________________
  3. _______________________________
  4. _______________________________
  5. _______________________________

How Home Sellers Establish Their Asking Price

To best understand how to maximize the value when buying a home it is good to understand how Home Sellers (and sellers of any type of real estate) go about setting their price.

The big question of course is” “How much to offer for a home for sale that you would consider buying?” To best answer this let us look at the Four Price Setting Strategies available to Home Sellers. By being aware of them we can best identify them in our home search activities.

In reviewing these strategies remember you’ll want to have the Donia Difference representing you for real estate. Mike, 25 years of Mensa membership and his proven Hall of Fame Performance with the Real Estate Industry Leader: REMAX, means you will have the best in the pursuit to the title of this web page: How to Save Thousands of Dollars (Euros, Pounds, Yen, etc.). Tjis is especially so when you live in a foreign country and want to move to Toronto or within the Greater Toronto Area. You’ll note that Mike also specializes in Luxury Real Estate and with his private aircraft on standby is ready to serve you internationally.

Here Are Four Pricing Strategies Commonly Used:

Distinctly Overpriced Strategy of Selling Real Estate:

Listing the price of the real estate at 10 – 20% or higher above the true market value this tactic of setting the price unrealistically above what historical home sales data supports (past prices for properties that SOLD) often happens when many real estate agents are vying for the one listing: each real estate agent will present a potential higher price” recommendation. Of course with the real estate market offering among the highest ticket prices of purchases people make a home seller is susceptible to an agent over-inflating the suggested listing price.  As a home seller this strategy is not recommended when the goal is to sell – one could use this strategy where the chattel is truly unique and there is no pressing reason to sell. Of special note regarding this latter selling scenario is that when listings  languish on the market for months often branding the property as “troubled” home, building, lot, etc. by other real estate agents. When identifying the property as such the tendency will be to present an offer lower than fair market price.  Also one should question if you want to go through the incessant inconvenience of being prepared to show the property at most anytime and thus needing to keep it in “showing” condition constantly. Is your quality of life worth this – and then when the listing expires you would have to go through the whole sales process all over again.

When you go shopping for real estate with Mike Donia he will, based on the historical date and intelligent mid identify if he believes the real estate is in this category or whether it is one of the subsequent real estate pricing strategies that follow.

Moderately Overpriced Strategy of Selling Real Estate:

When home sellers choose to price the home between 5 and 10%  above the true market price it too risks languishing on the market longer than they should. Since we are talking $5 – 10,000 per every hundred thousand dollars on the listing price it is easy to understand why ¾ of the listings fall into this category.  When we put ourselves into the home seller’s position and ask why this strategy might be used, two good reasons are at the forefront: The home seller may truly believe that the added value exists and or they believe that they can have this extra room for negotiations. Regardless of the reason or reasons as with the clearly overpriced strategy above the risk is that the same disadvantages of time on the market and public perception associated with the strategy and the quality of offers to be received.

Accurately Priced Real Estate: Priced Correctly at Market Value

Mike has access to the historical date (selling prices) and his experience and Hall of Fame skills with the #1 Real Estate Company in the world: REMAX will provide you with the tools and resources needed to buy and sell real estate effectively.  As a member of Mensa for the past 25 years Mike is resourceful to accurately price real estate: great for both Buyers and Sellers to have Mike representing you when it comes to real estate transactions. Mike understands that real estate is part of the capitalistic system of supply and demand and will help you realistically set the price (and offer) for the homes (buildings, land, etc.) based on a thorough analysis of all the other competing homes on the market. With modern technology Mike can have the Team tweak the data to suit your needs.  When competitively priced, homes usually sell within a reasonable time-frame and very close to the asking price and in some instances a bidding frenzy may result in above average price received.

Priced Below the Fair Market Value

When home sellers are motivated by a quick sale they may attract multiple offers usually at, or above, the asking price. Even if you are contemplating becoming a First Time Home Buyer, or have been thinking of participating in the housing market as an investment, when you have Mike Donia as your real estate agent he can learn to understand your needs and be on the look out for when properties in the category and meets you needs become available.  Should you be in the market to buy real estate connect with Mike and experience the Donia Difference which will, positively thinking, have you deciding that you need to have Mike Donia representing you for all your real estate transactions.

Mike Donia is the professional real estate agent that professionals recommend.

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