VIP Helicopter & Jet Service

When your search for that luxury home begins, so does your journey in the first class luxury experience. To maximize your time, enhance the viewing pleasure and dimension of your home, look no further. In today’s age, Google maps are not enough, a helicopter/jet view of the home and surrounding area will give you a unparalleled bird’s eye view.


Mike Donia’s client service is second to none. Mike’s foresight and vision allow him to, “see the invisible and do the impossible”. Mike’s clients are routinely chauffeured in his Bentley, Ferrari, or private aircraft to make the search for that signature residence a truly moving and breathtaking experience. Mike is passionate about understanding the needs of buyers and always obtaining the highest price for a seller. Furthermore, Mike’s caring and efficient business style will turn you into a client for life.

Why settle for less in your luxury property journey? You’re not buying a discount property, so why not expect 1st class service?